WPTranscription Service started as a part-time endeavor in 1994 with the sole client being a real estate appraiser. After 19 years of experience and satisfied clients, we now transcribe for a large variety of clients in fields such as insurance, health care, medical and non-medical R&D, educational centers, as well as authors, psychologists and students.

WPTranscription’s base is located in Massachusetts with typists located virtually in the U.S. Our group of 15 best and brightest transcriptionists are highly motivated to transcribe your audios applying their strong listening skills and above-average attention to detail. We strive to meet your requirements and deadlines in a friendly and timely fashion.

Turnaround time is normally two to three days from time of receipt but quicker turnarounds can be accommodated. If we find that we are unable to work on your project, we’ll help you in your search for the right company. Your success is what matters to us!

Confidentiality is of utmost importance and confidentiality agreements will be provided if requested. If security is a concern, we can keep your work assigned to local transcriptionists to hand pass files to. If you would like to keep your work assigned to the same transcriptionist every time, that can be done also. We are flexible to fit your needs.