WP Transcription is ready to take your recordings to the next step – great transcripts!  With 15+ years of experience transcribing in various fields we believe we have what it takes to turn out great transcripts in a timely fashion.  But first, what are the who, what and why’s of transcription today?  We’ve come a long way since the manual typewriter and a Dictaphone.

What is Transcription?  Transcription is the process of listening to an interview, for instance, typing exactly what’s heard and saving it as a document ready to print or upload.

Who does transcription?  Anyone can do it!  Not that long ago a transcribing machine was needed. Now, with a computer, basic typing skills and free transcription software, you have the ingredients to do these yourself – if you have the time.  When time is tight and the deadline is approaching, it’s good to know a reputable transcriptionist.  Accuracy is a must as information will be gathered and disseminated from the transcript.  Spelling and grammar skills are key for an accurate record.  If a professional is needed, recordings can be outsourced to legal, medical, academic, business or general transcriptionists that handle your focus area.

Why is transcription performed?  A record of what was said is the top reason but here are a few more you maybe didn’t realize too.

To share the transcript with others who missed the meeting.

To allow for focusing on the interview and not on note taking.

To use as a reminder of what was said.

To use as basis for newsletters, blogs, articles.

To search for key words for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

To save time working through pages versus playback of audio.